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November. 29. 2014
Self-Renewing Subscriptions

NEVER MISS ANOTHER BOOK: We are now able to offer auto-renewing subscriptions for both Idiots'Books and Bobbledy Books. 

Here's how to do it: 

Idiotsbooks Subscriptions

Click here, and give us your info. Your Idiots'Books subscription will automatically renew each year, and you may cancel at any time.  


Bobbledy Memberships

Click here, and give us your info. Your Bobbledy Club membership will automatically renew each year, and you may cancel at any time. 


If you are particularly grateful for this exciting new feature, be sure to thank Robbi, who sacrificed many long nights in complex, mind-aching negotiations with our good friends at PayWhirl, who were admirably helpful and patient throughout the ordeal.  

November. 29. 2014
Looking for Feedback

Friends, as we launch this new shop, we would appreciate your help letting us troubleshoot. Because we are human and web development is loathsome, we have likely made mistakes. 

Have you ever seen two more earnest-yet-fallible dupes? 

If you would be so kind, as you explore and enjoy the store, please let us know if you find anything vexing, difficult, or downright wrong. Typos, dead links, and irritating product descriptions are all fair game.

How often are you invited to find fault? This is your chance to regale us with our shortcomings! 

Please send a message to us here if you find anything. We will promise to be gracious(ish) about it. 


November. 29. 2014
Convenient! Attractive! Confounding!

Welcome to our new store.

We have built this sucker for you, my friends. FOR YOU! In designing this site, we have endeavored to respond to the various feedback that has trickled in over the past eight years or so.

Apparently, you fine people were interested in larger product photography. DONE!

It came to our attention that you were hoping for easier navigation (DONE!), simpler searches (DONE!), and large banner photography of our products, faces, and home (DONE! DONE! DONE!)

Apparently, you hearty, good-looking people who shop both Idiots'Books and Bobbledy Books were hoping for a way to avoid having to fill two carts and check out twice. There is now one store with one shopping cart. GO HOG WILD!



About Us

Everything on this site was made by Matthew Swanson and Robbi Behr, a writer/illustrator, husband/wife, taskmaster/loafer duo who, in the winter of 2005, had an early-30s crisis of purpose, sold their trendy Baltimore row home, quit their promising day jobs, forsook their low-deductible health insurance, and took up residence in the then-unfinished hayloft of an old barn on the Eastern Shore of Maryland to make books together until they ran out of money.

This route involved various splinters, paper cuts, very late nights, and an inexplicable appearance on a DC-area cable talk show. Also, a lot of ramen was eaten. For the first two years, there was no kitchen, so Matthew hauled buckets of water from a utility sink like Laura Ingalls Wilder. Throughout it all, they kept on making stuff with Matthew’s words and Robbi’s pictures. Eight years, 54 books, and three small children later, they’re still at it. If you are not yet entirely bored, you can learn more about them here.

“Bobbledy Books is my favorite small press publisher for kids. Matthew Swanson writes the words, and his wife Robbi Behr creates the pictures, and together they are silly, poetic, surreal, and incredibly cool.”Michael Dirda, Pulitzer Prize-winning book critic


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