The New South

This collaboration with insensitive singer-songwriter/Episcopal priest Drew Bunting is an album (and illustrated story) about apocalypse, sin, redemption, and the balls-out joy of life in the kingdom of God. The twelve tracks, which detail Bunting’s conflicted love affairs with the Christian religion and the American South, are replete with beauty, ugliness, tragedy, and glory.

Visit to learn more about Drew. Click the links below to be enticed by some snippets from the songs.

Please Don't Rip Me Off is a hilarious free bonus track (with an important message) that you can/may/should/must/will download and share with everyone you know.


Volume 13 in the Idiots'Books series

Dimensions: 5.5" x 5"
Pages: 16
Binding: Folding booklet insert
12 songs

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